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Shelter Centre is a non-governmental organisation registered in Switzerland which supports the sector of humanitarian operations that responds to the transitional settlement and reconstruction needs of populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters, from the emergency phase until durable solutions are reached.

Cover for Shelter Centre Annual Report 2009

Download the Shelter Centre Annual Report for 2009.

Download the Shelter Centre Annual Report for 2008.

Shelter Centre Annual Report 2007

Download the Shelter Centre Annual Report for 2007

All Shelter Centre activities are designed and maintained so that the maximum number of sector stakeholders participate in their development and benefit from their outputs.

Many activities are funded through a programme with DFID, 2006–2011, while others are funded bilaterally or multi-laterally.

Shelter Centre partners in the sector include United Nations bodies, the Red Cross Movement, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, academic and research groups, as well as donors.

As a sector support NGO, Shelter Centre builds collaboration, consensus and capacity through developing and maintaining:

  • strategic or policy guidelines;
  • technical guidelines;
  • technical training;
  • community of practice services; and
  • the global forum for the sector.

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