Earthquake Reconstruction GFDRR

The unprecedented scale of recent earthquakes in Chile, Haiti and Japan underlines the importance of having the body of knowledge and best practices easily available for affected governments in order to assist them in making crucial decisions for post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction.

The World Bank, as one of the biggest financing source of post conflict and post disaster reconstruction, has accumulated vast experience through emergency operations on approaches, policies and strategies followed by national governments in post-disaster situations. These experiences and lessons learned were collected in so called Good Practice and Advisory Notes and offered to governments requesting assistance from the Bank.

Based on the proven usefulness of Good Practice Notes in formulating recovery framework, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), established in 2006, has decided to develop Knowledge Notes for different disasters and make them available to policy makers and practitioners potentially facing post-disaster situations. The “Earthquake Reconstruction” is the first piece of the series.

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