Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies (CBHA) Capacity Building Programme Learning Review

This document is the report of the CBHA Learning Event, held in London on January the 25th, 2012. It briefly summarizes the four sessions of the day:

  • Session One - Overview of CBHA Programmes
  • Session Two - Programme Evaluations
  • Session Three - Break out workshops
  • Session Four - Call To Action

The three strands developed under the CBHA Capacity Building Programme are the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework led by Action Aid, and two capacity building programmes: The Humanitarian Leadership Development Programme led by Save the Children and the Humanitarian Staff Development Project led by Oxfam.

The day marked a ‘handover’ of materials and programmes to the wider humanitarian community. It was an opportunity for information sharing, a forum to ask questions, and a focused boost to stimulate and encourage broad use of the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework and associated materials.

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